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Lavender Ariel Earrings
MERMAID'S TALE COLLECTION A stunning pair of convertible earrings with omega backs in recycled lavender, lilac and violet aluminium, 18k rose gold vermeil with 18k gold earring posts, intricately hand-set with laboratory-grown and created gemstones including two central lilac amethysts of 3.14 Ct each, blush pink...
from ¥367,600
Lavender Ariel Ring
MERMAID'S TALE COLLECTION A stunning cocktail ring in recycled lavender, lilac and violet aluminium, with 18k rose gold vermeil, intricately hand-set with laboratory-grown and created gemstones including a central lilac amethyst of 1.55 Ct, blush pink sapphires and violet amethysts. 1 Mermaid's Tale jewel...
Lilac Cushion Wing Studs
SUPERNOVA COLLECTION A whimsical twist on a classic; inspired by the delicate beauty of butterfly wings, these stunning stud earrings feature laboratory-grown and created gemstones including two cushion-cut lilac amethysts of 10 carats each, in an intricate setting of 18k rose gold vermeil with 18k...
from ¥270,300
Lilac Cinderella Ring
ENGLISH GARDEN COLLECTION A stunning cocktail ring in 18k yellow gold and rhodium vermeil, hand-set with laboratory-grown and created gemstones including a stunning solitaire emerald-cut lilac amethyst of 18 carats, pavé-set yellow sapphires, simulated white diamonds and graduating shades of violet to lilac amethysts. Explore All Matching Creations Hand-crafted...
from ¥289,800
Rose Amethyst Chandelier Earrings
TUTTI FRUTTI COLLECTION  A stunning pair of cocktail earrings in 18k rose gold vermeil with 18k gold earring posts and omega backs, hand-set with an array of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including fuchsia and rose pink sapphires, violet and lilac amethysts, blue spinels and...
Lavender Bloom Earrings
BLOOMS COLLECTION A stunning pair of earrings with omega backs in recycled lavender-hued aluminium and 18k white gold and rhodium vermeil, with 18k gold earring posts, hand-painted with jet black enamel and intricately set with laboratory-grown and created gemstones including two fuchsia pink sapphires and an array...
Lilac Posie Earrings
ENGLISH GARDEN COLLECTION A stunning and elegant pair of convertible cocktail earrings with removable drops in 18k white gold and rhodium vermeil with 14k gold posts and butterfly backs, intricately hand-set with pavé and prong set laboratory-grown and created gemstones including two pear cut...
Amethyst Vine Earrings
BUTTERFLY ORCHARD COLLECTION A pair of stunning earrings in 18k rose gold vermeil with 18k gold posts and butterfly backs, intricately hand set with an array of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including two 5 carats lilac amethysts, fuchsia and blush pink sapphires, pink tourmalines, champagne citrines, simulated chocolate,...
from ¥270,300
Lilac Swallowtail Ring
BUTTERFLY ORCHARD COLLECTION A beautiful statement ring in 18k yellow gold vermeil, intricately hand set with an array of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including a beautiful solitaire oval lilac amethyst and dazzling violet amethysts, simulated canary and white diamonds and cultured freshwater pearls. Explore All Matching...
Amethyst Coralbell Earrings
ENGLISH GARDEN COLLECTION A pair of stunning and elegant convertible earrings in 18k rose gold vermeil with 18k gold posts and omega backs, with detachable berry drops and intricately hand-set with an array of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including violet and lilac amethysts,...
from ¥303,400
Lilac Nova Earrings
from ¥289,800
Lilac Nova Earrings
 SUPERNOVA COLLECTION A stunning and playful pair of shoulder-dusting cocktail earrings with butterfly backs, hand-set with a dazzling graduation of 10 pear-cut, laboratory-grown and created lilac to lavender amethysts totalling 14.25 carats.  Explore All Matching Creations Hand-crafted in the United...
from ¥289,800
Lilac Nova Bracelet
SUPERNOVA COLLECTION A unique and playful bracelet hand-set with an ombré graduation of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including violet and lilac amethysts, pink tourmalines, with a simulated white diamond-set star-shaped clasp, all set in 18k gold vermeil. Hidden push-lock with safety clasp closure Explore All...
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