We are extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of our collaboration with HK based publisher, Babaobox on their latest September issue: 'OBSESSIONS'  

Babaobox, meaning ''treasure chest' in Chinese, is a multi-format album and objects of design, art, lifestyle and fashion produced in exclusive numbered limited editions of 400. 

Babaobox collaborates with tastemakers, cultural leaders and inspiring thinkers to curate items, made exclusively; each with extraordinary stories, delivered to your doorstep. The curators featured in each box are invited to engage in a creative dialogue surrounding a particular theme. Babaobox releases a new box quarterly, offering unique treasures for the inquisitive mind.  


 Anabela Chan x Babaobox 

See our creation of a pair of beautifully hand-crafted bone-china tea cups; with a unique Poppy flower butterfly print created for Babaobox, hand-gilded with a delicate 18 carat gold rim.   Inspired by the beauty and beastial duality of the poppy flower; the Chinese cultural obsession of tea-drinking and Hong Kong's history with the Opium War, the Poppy teacups take cultural, historical and aesthetic influences on the theme of Obsession and the potent colour Red.  In a world obsessed with digital gadgets and social media, the coupling tea cups encourage human interaction and conversation; a moment of Zen and the luxury of tea-drinking and intimate pastime with a friend.
Babaobox Box 2: OBSESSIONS

The world is becoming more obsessive—from a global addiction to mobile games to K-Pop plaguing all ages with symptoms of hysteria. Obsessions fuel purpose and striving for that greater purpose can be addictive. Box 2 explores whether obsessions is an essential ingredient for success. Join us in a diagnosis of obsessions from curators: Anabela Chan, Adrian Wong, Samantha Reid and ESKYIU (Marisa Yiu and Eric Schuldenfrei). Order Box 2 for a tangible experience that embodies their passions and find out how obsessions drive their creativity and success.

This is a limited edition of 400 boxes with a unique and auspicious numbering system.                                                     

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