The Power of Coloured Gemstones.
During the Covid-19 Pandemic that unfolded across the world in 2020, Anabela Chan became a Partner of the non-profit organisation Gem Legacy.
Gem Legacy was founded in their belief that gems have a remarkable power to change lives and impact the world collectively. The charity seeks to create positive impact and expand the natural benefaction of gemstone mining on the surrounding community, through long-term support to the children, education, and entrepreneurship for the miners and their families. 100% of donations return directly to the communities.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gem Legacy actively works to serve the most urgent needs in the gem mining communities of East Africa, with innovative solutions to ensure their holistic success.  
With a singular donation in March 2020, we were able to support their Emergency Food Fund in full to provide 7680 nutritional meals to at risk children due to school closures and the lack of government subsidised meals.  We are proud to support Gem Legacy continually for their tireless efforts to change people's lives, where it matters most.
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