Your rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are hand-crafted pieces that have been made with care.  To make sure those pieces stay beautiful for as long as possible, we have put together some tips for you below.

  1. Avoid perfume, sprays or lotions, they might tarnish or damage your jewellery’s surface, pearls or gemstones.

  2. Avoid wearing your jewellery during physical work such as gardening or sports.

  3. Avoid chlorine swimming pools or hot tubs.
    The chemicals in the water can affect your jewellery pieces greatly.

  4. When undressing, make sure to wipe clean your jewellery with a soft cloth in order to avoid tarnish caused by oils and perspiration.

  5. Store your jewellery pieces in fabric-lined boxes or pouches.
    Avoid scratches by wrapping each item individually in tissue paper or soft fabric.


Laboratory-Grown & Created Gemstones

Our signature use of laboratory-grown and created gemstones are of the highest quality and durability, designed to last a lifetime and beyond.  Our gemstones will withstand wear as per all precious and semi-precious gemstones;  the gemmological composition and chemical structure of the stones we use are usually different to its natural mined counterparts, sometimes with an improved hardness and stability - with a balance between optical beauty, durability and price. 

For more information on specific stones, please contact and a member of our jewellery specialist will be delighted to help.  


Pearls are organic, delicate gems, so need to be handled with extra care. With a low resistance to heat and chemicals, you need to avoid contact with chemicals, detergents, perfumes or similar. Simply rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Take off your pearl rings before washing your hands and try to avoid lotion or creams. In case your set pearls become loose we can be sure to re-set them at your convenience.

Vermeil Jewellery

Gold Vermeil jewellery is composed of a solid, inner material such as sterling silver, and an outer material such as 18k yellow, white or rose gold, rhodium or ruthenium. We use a layer of 18k gold that is 10 times that of standard plating, to ensure your pieces are as long lasting as possible.  Heavy wearing can lead to the outer material rubbing off slightly, over time this can wear away which is considered normal wear and tear rather than a defect. If you would like to refresh it, we are always delighted to offer a re-furbishing and re-plating service for a small fee.


Our pieces are designed and hand-crafted with care to last a lifetime and beyond, and we hope that you will enjoy wearing them on many joyous occasions.  Special care should be given to delicate, fine jewellery pieces to ensure that they stand the test of time by following our guidelines above.  However, we understand accidents do happen and in the event that your jewellery is damaged, our atelier will always be glad to offer a full repair or refurbishment service for a small fee.

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