Our Story. The first fine jewellery brand in the world to champion Laboratory Grown & Created Gemstones.

'Jewellery has the magic to empower and bring immense joy; for something so small that can be held in the palm of your hand, it can hold a world of emotions and memories. An object of art and craftsmanship, beauty and desire that can be worn on the body, close to our hearts.'
When I was in my first year at the Royal College of Art in London, I met a friend from footwear design whose family is in the gemstone and mining industry. Naturally, I asked curiously why she wasn’t on the gold-smithing and jewellery course, like I was. She simply said, if I had seen what she had seen, then I would not want to be a part of that industry, too. Like a seed planted in my head, I became curious with the centuries-old traditions and romanticism over the fine jewellery and gemstone industry. I have always been an eternal optimist. When I went on my honeymoon during my studies at the RCA in 2013, I made sure to visit a gemstone mine in Sri Lanka during our adventures. Seeing is believing - I was shocked and sadden to see the working conditions of the mine, the risks and the inequality of the excavation of such precious things - I did not see beauty nor romance, and it was at that moment I decided to explore alternative options and began my research into championing laboratory-grown and created gemstones paired with intrinsic, thoughtful design and meticulous artisan craftsmanship in my own fine jewellery collections. When I founded my eponymous brand on graduation, it was my mission to offer a different perspective in the industry - I wanted to create equally beautiful and fabulous one-of-a-kind jewels using laboratory-grown and created gemstones without the conflict, humanitarian issues and untraceable provenance associated with mining. I find a potent synergy in the juxtaposition of precious and non-precious, natural and manmade materials, it is luxury with a touch of humbleness. I never think that it is a competition between the two genres, but rather offering a different perspective and option to the consumer, a more accessible and mindful alternative, and in shining light on the ethics and sustainability within our centuries-old industry it will also drive positive change by consumer-demand for more responsible practice from the very top - to ensure the well-being of miners, their communities and the land with better safety standards, fair pay, equal rights and land restoration. As a designer I choose to focus my work with lab-grown, created and recycled gemstones; I also admire the work of other designers who champion recycled materials, who work solely with reputable mines and support small scale artisanal miners directly. As with all design discipline, I believe it is about learning from the past, to offer a different perspective in the present, and always with a dream for a better future. As Maya Angelou said, ‘’Do the best you can until you know better. And when you know better, do better.’' Anabela Chan


Our signature use of laboratory-grown and created gemstones are of the highest quality and durability, designed to last a lifetime and beyond. Our gemstones will withstand wear as per all precious and semi-precious gemstones, often with an improved hardness and stability, too.
Every laboratory-grown and created gemstone is carefully selected for its beauty and optical qualities compared with natural stones; determined by its brilliance, colour, clarity, hardness, durability and pricing. The gemmological composition and chemical structure of the stones we use can be identical (known as synthesised) or different (known as simulated) to its natural mined counterparts. From the rough stone, it is then cut, faceted, polished and set painstakingly by hand using traditional artisan techniques. It is our aspiration to adorn women with the design and craftsmanship of haute joaillerie with an ethical sustainability, a philosophy that is at the heart of our delectable pieces. Our jewels although grown in a laboratory, are chosen rather than invested; admired rather than shown off. Most importantly, our creations are designed to be worn, enjoyed and celebrated from one generation to the next, rather than hidden in a safe.


Giving back is central to what we do - from supporting up to 10 individual charities worldwide every year since year 1 of establishing Anabela Chan Joaillerie in 2014, to educational projects for the future via talks, workshops and public initiatives.

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