Elton John AIDS Foundation

This year Anabela Chan x Diamond Foundry are delighted to be the first independent brand to support the 28th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party and Charity Gala by donating two very special pieces for the Live Auction, raising $72,000 for the incredible cause. 

The Foundation’s Academy Awards® Viewing Party benefits the Elton John AIDS Foundation raising millions for their lifesaving work since the Party began in 1992. The Foundation works across four continents to provide treatment, testing, care and support to people at risk of or living with HIV, especially marginalized groups that are disproportionately affected such as men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, sex workers.

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Sharon Stone presents our Anabela Chan x Diamond Foundry laboratory - grown diamonds and Fairtrade White Gold Bloom Ring and Orchid Earrings at the Elton John Foundation Charity Gala.

Anabela Chan x Diamond Foundry

 We are excited to collaborate with the Diamond Foundry, the leading producer of above-ground, certified diamonds in California, U.S.A. that are laboratory-grown to the exacting optical and gemological composition and structure as natural mined diamonds, with a zero carbon footprint.

The pieces presented at the gala are inspired by the everlasting charm of the poetic English Garden; intricate, sculptural and elegant forms are painstakingly hand-set with over 22 carats of dazzling Diamond Foundry above-ground diamonds to dramatic effect.

Every story begins by hand-carving the designs in wax before casting in parts, then assembling, polishing and engraving in meticulous detail. Every stone is carefully selected for its brilliance and colour; then cut, faceted, polished and set painstakingly by hand.           

‘It is about offering ethical sustainable jewels that are conflict-free and beautifully-crafted with traditional artisan techniques; works of art that are proudly worn, loved and treasured forever.’ 

Anabela Chan

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AC x Diamond Foundry Bloom Ring

Inspired by the everlasting blooms and dancing butterflies of the poetic English Garden, the Diamond Bloom Ring is painstakingly hand-crafted in 18k Fairtrade white gold,  meticulously set with 184 Diamond Foundry laboratory-grown diamonds, with a total weight of 6.84 carats, including a central oval diamond of 2.35 carats.

 Designed &  handcrafted in London,  U.K.

AC x Diamond Foundry Orchid Earrings

Inspired by the poetic sculptural forms of orchids and magnolias, the Diamond Orchid Earrings are exquisitely hand-crafted in 18k Fairtrade white gold, intricately set with 349 Diamond Foundry laboratory-grown Diamonds, with a total weight of 15.39 carats.

Designed & handcrafted in London,  U.K.

Elton John and Sharon Stone at the 28th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party and Charity Gala 

Anabela wears the Diamond Supernova Earrings & Paraiba Bloom Ring at the Elton John Aids Foundation Oscars Viewing Party