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Emerald Nova Bracelet
SUPERNOVA COLLECTION A unique and playful bracelet hand-set with an ombré graduation of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including 4 deep green tourmalines of 6.81 carats, 7 emeralds of 3.85 carats, and 4 lemon quartz of 8.92 carats, with a simulated white diamond-set star-shaped clasp,...
Peridot Paradise Necklace
PALMS COLLECTION  A stunning statement necklace in 18k yellow gold vermeil, featuring and array of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including white diamonds, fuchsia pink sapphires, lilac amethysts, green tourmalines, apple-green peridot cabochons and hand-carved mother-of-pearl flowers. Hidden push-lock with safety clasp closure...
Peridot Daisy Diamond Bracelet
ENGLISH GARDEN COLLECTION A modern, playful and delicate bracelet with a hidden clasp, set in 18k yellow gold and rhodium vermeil, intricately hand-set with 10 cultured freshwater pearls and 676 round brilliant laboratory-grown and created gemstones including pale peridots and simulated white diamonds.  An...
Emerald Nova Earrings
from £1,590.00
Emerald Nova Earrings
SUPERNOVA COLLECTION  A unique and playful pair of cocktail earrings with butterfly backs, hand-set with an ombré array of laboratory-grown and created gemstones, including 3 deep green tourmalines of 3.5 carats, 4 emeralds of 8.5 carats, and 3 lemon quartz of 2.25...
from £1,590.00
Emerald Nova Necklace
SUPERNOVA COLLECTION An elegant and timeless necklace crafted from 18k gold vermeil, hand-set with an ombré graduation of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including 6 emeralds of 7.85 carats, 12 green tourmalines of 6.6 carats, 20 peridots of 11 carats and 14 vibrant...
Emerald Nova Collar
from £3,690.00
Emerald Nova Collar
SUPERNOVA COLLECTION A modern, yet classic question mark necklace, expertly crafted in 18k gold vermeil, hand-set with an ombré graduation of laboratory-grown and created gemstones including 8 emeralds of 10.25 carats, 11 green tourmalines of 17 carats, 13 lemon quartz of 7.15 carats...
from £3,690.00
Sapphire Peridot Paradise Necklace
PALMS COLLECTION  A stunning statement necklace in 18k gold vermeil, featuring and array of laboratory-grown synthesised and simulated gemstones including royal blue sapphires, aquamarines, peridots, turquoise cabochons and hand-carved mother-of-pearl flowers and simulated white diamonds. Hidden push-lock with safety clasp closure. Explore All...
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