The stunning, joyful and vibrant Palms Collection is inspired by exotic flora and fauna from far away jungles, in captivating vivid hues of emerald greens to fuchsia pinks rendered in mesmerising paraiba tourmalines, turquoise, rainbow sapphires, padparadschas and dazzling diamonds.

The Palms Collection is about offering the magic of haute joaillerie, using the finest craftsmanship of a bygone era to design a range of covetable jewels with a modern wearability. The same meticulous process in haute joaillerie is used to handcraft every jewel; championing a combination of sustainable, ethical laboratory-grown and created gemstones that share the beauty and optical qualities to natural stones.  Every story begins by hand-carving the designs in wax before casting in parts, then assembling, polishing and engraving in meticulous detail. Every stone is carefully selected for its brilliance and colour; then cut, faceted, polished and set painstakingly by hand using traditional artisan techniques.

'It is about offering inspiring, ethical and beautifully-crafted jewels with longevity; works of art that are worn, loved and treasured forever.’  Anabela Chan