Ocean Energy is a Vital Element in the Low Carbon Energy Transition

Anabela Chan_Mermaid's Tale_Discover Ocean Energy
The impact of solar and wind power needs to be complemented by other renewable energy technologies in order to address the impacts of climate change. One of the vast untapped resources can be found in the ocean.  Ocean energy technologies exploit the power of tides and waves, as well as differences in sea temperatures and salinity, to produce electricity. The ocean currents flow at only about one-fifth of typical wind farm wind speeds, but the density of water produces much higher energy from these flows. These currents are not intermittent like wind and solar.

The story of ocean energy is not new, in fact it generated significant interest in the past but was since largely abandoned. Now it is gaining new power with multiple international investors are seeking innovative ways to transition to the new low carbon economy.

Anabela Chan_Mermaid's Tale_Discover Ocean Energy

The ocean remains the largest untapped carbon-free energy supply globally. As governments and corporations increasingly turn to 100% renewable energy targets, ocean energy sources such as tidal and other currents will emerge as a necessary addition to solar, wind, and other carbon-free supply-side options. 
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