The world is one. 
At the beginning of 2020, Australia experienced unprecedented heat and catastrophic bushfires sweep across the nation.  On Sunday January 5th, 100% of all our U.K. and global net sales were pledged and donated to the Australian Bushfires Relief. 
"Australia has one of the richest biodiversity on the planet, Jimmy and I were fortunate to experience the magic and beauty of its habitats from the Great Barrier Reef to the oldest Daintree Rainforest on Earth back in 2017, and I will never forget it as we also found out I was pregnant with Valentine after a morning surf class on Manly Beach. 
Right now Australia is in a state of emergency and are experiencing unprecedented heat and catastrophic bushfires sweep across the nation, with today’s forecast to be the worst so far, and the fire season is only just beginning. The damage caused so far is devastating." 
Anabela Chan

The net sales were equally donated to the 3 charities below:

NSW Rural Fire Service - to help the volunteer firefighters battling on the frontline.⁣  

Australian Red Cross - to help with disaster relief and emergency assistance for communities in danger.

WIRES Wildlife Rescue - to help the wildlife victims.⁣ ⁣

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