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Nature is a muse for many artists, but for Anabela Chan, it’s almost an obsession. The London-based jewelry designer has been collecting exotic butterflies, beetles and taxidermy birds since she was a teenager. And those collections often make their way into her work — not just the insect-inspired stickpins from her “Beauty and Beast” collection, but the Bloom sculptures, in which real butterfly wings are arrayed under handblown glass domes (from $8,000) to evoke permanent floral arrangements.
“They’re about immortalizing the transience in beauty with something that can be admired forever,” said Ms. Chan, 31, who studied architecture and worked for the architect Richard Rogers and the fashion designer Alexander McQueen before founding her own company in 2013.
A selection of Ms. Chan’s creations will be on view at Les Ateliers Courbet from May 16 to June 30, including her new collection of candy dishes produced with the Austrian crystal company Lobmeyr, featuring painted details of Ms. Chan’s hummingbirds and butterflies (from $1,200) and her fabric collection for Bernhardt Textiles (from $40 a yard).
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