Anabela Chan Joaillerie is very excited to share with you a preview in @britishvogue Sept Issue of our new project - the first fully-traceable (to the very miner herself), fully responsible and ethical mined gemstones collection, recorded under the Provenance Proof blockchain, paired with 100% recycled gold and aluminium.

A collection of 10 unique creations, featuring 15 gemstones mined by 10 women artisanal miners from the Umba Valley region in Tanzania, whereby for the first time we are able to guarantee the miners themselves receive 95% of the export price of each stone, 3-10 times what they conventionally receive, with proceeds reinvested back into education and the local mining communities. 💫

This include the Cherry Poppy Brooch, as seen here, with a 12.69 cherry red rhodolite garnet mined by Salehe Kisalazo, from Kalalani Village, Umba Valley, set in baby blue recycled aluminium from soda cans & recycled 18k yellow gold.



When Anabela Chan founded her eponymous brand on graduation from the Royal College of Art, it became her mission to offer a different perspective in the industry – she wanted to create equally beautiful and fabulous jewels without the conflict, humanitarian and environmental issues and untraceable provenance associated with mining. This lead her to focus her work predominantly with laboratory-grown, created and recycled gemstones and metals. Fast forward to 10 months ago in 2019, when she sneaked out of her baby bubble with son Hendrick to attend an evening talk at the GIA in Bloomsbury, where she met Stuart Pool and learnt about the Moyo Gems project, and for the first time I felt that this is the right way. Having worked with both Stuart and Monica in the past months to build up a collection of stones, we are so excited and proud to launch this new collection come Fall. The new project is called Atelier Future, because instead of wearing people’s tragedies, Wear People’s Future. To quote Maya Angelou, ‘Do the best you can until you know better. And when you know better, do better.’ Because if you care enough, you can do it the right way.

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