Jardin Du Paradis

Travelling to the exotic and the orient is one of my greatest passions. Through my travels I collect unusual gems and treasures from local markets, nature and the unusual people I meet; where I then use my findings to create limited editions of couture jewellery, that are almost like souvenirs of my journeys. Each piece is one-of-a-kind; a story-telling treasure that can be worn or displayed alike.

Jardin Du Paradis Collection

In Nature, the most beautiful creatures are often the most poisonous, a dangerous allure of good and evil; beauty and beast. I have always been captivated by the jewels and gems of Nature; The Jardin Du Paradis collection is inspired by the sculptural forms of ferns and vines, in hybrid the vivid array of exotic butterflies shimmering and fluttering in unison.  The pieces are made from an alchemy of natural butterfly wings, precious and semi-precious metals and man-made resins to a magical and dramatic effect.