• We borrowed Santa's Reindeers - Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide

    For a limited period, enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide with code ChristmasShipping at checkout. All orders and gifts will arrive beautiful wrapped in our special edition boxes.   Don't say we don't spoilt you. ;)   
  • Victoria is always right

    Victoria Beckham said, when she first started her fashion label, the best advice given to her was from Marc Jacobs.  Marc told her, if you put out the best quality and the best craftsmanship, people can only say its not to their taste, but they can never say its rubbish. I don't have the honour of Marc as my bff, but I sure did take...
  • A Magician's many wands

    For a designer and jeweller, our tools are like extended limbs that allow us to make beautiful things.   Here are a few of my favourite ones.  
  • Where the magic begins

    Anabela's Jeweller work bench revealed!   True beauty emerges from organised chaos :)
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