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Despite lashings of pastels, the sophistication of Anabela Chan's second store in the capital saves it from sugary girlishness. The space was planned to complement her colourful, award-winning ethical pieces, nearly all made from lab-grown stones in a multitude of shades set in vivid recycled aluminium or hand-crafted 18-carat gold vermeil. The front room has elegant grey panelling with a hanging garden overhead (Chan spent hours placing the stems) and a white peacock, one of her favourite pieces of taxidermy, which underline flora and fauna as her chief inspiration.
Through an arch, the pink room ups the ante, with intense colour and bold creations, as well as shelves stacked with books on jewels and a collection of cockatoos (another go-to motif).


Three delicate glass globes contain flowers made by Chan from naturally discarded butterfly wings. Although she has had many offers for these sculptures, so far, she is not selling.   

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