Beauty and Beast . Bloom Sculpture series 2013

'The Beauty and Beast series is a collection of sculptures I made during my time at The Royal College of Art. To me they personify the very idea of beauty and beast as a symbiotic nature in all things. Butterflies and roses are the two things I have been obsessed with all my life; their beauty, their variety, their freedom.  Like dreams, they are the more precious because their time is fleeting.  It is perhaps my tribute to the every mesmerizing state of nature from life to death; my interpretation of a notion of beauty in transience immortalized in time.'

Blooms series - POA

Natural butterfly wings, 18ct gold plated brass, blown glass, hand carved oak

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Rose 01

 Rose 02

Iris 01

Morpho Bloom 01

Acid Bloom 01

Spring Bloom 01



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All butterfly wings and beetle shells have come from insects of natural death. 
Their knocks and dents are a natural consequence, where I find a greater beauty and complexity in their imperfections .
Dreams Through The Looking Glass
'I love to dream; I take inspirations from whatever moves me, and I find my own voice in those things.  It is not about a good dream or a bad dream, it is more that your mind drifts towards only being concerned with your imaginations, that somehow it becomes true, and the object you create becomes a souvenir from your journey.  Although there is a romanticism inherent in these reveries, there are darker dramas as well. Dreams aren’t confined to merely pleasant; dreams can traverse every dimension, often reflecting on the balance of life itself.  
The story can be sensuous and complex, or sleek, simple and gleaming, but above all, unexpected, potent and creatively ambitious.  The invented world should be a place to go that is familiar, almost nostalgic, yet strange and new.
like to frame my work as the very act of ‘looking through a window’ lends itself to the creation of something or somewhere extraordinary on the other side of the glass.  It is a chance to create a world unto itself, a fantasy, an imagined place.  I like these places to have the bewildering nature of a dream, at once familiar, recomposed of remembered histories, yet strange and untravelled, beguiling the viewer to take the curious journey.
The process of conjuring these worlds is part conscious intention and deliberation and part wakeful dreaming.  The obsessive recurrence of birds, butterflies and other winged creatures is evident; their flight seems to symbolize and embody the very idea of imagination.  
When a dream transforms into reality, my Wonderland is found again.'
Anabela Chan
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