Atelier Future 2015
Atelier Future is the initiative we set up in 2014 that dedicates a proportion of our profit and time to assist in the training of jewellery craftsmanship and arts & crafts workshops to disadvantaged children and rescued victims of modern day slavery.
‘I believe the power of making is also one of healing and empowerment. The training we provide forms a vital part of the rehabilitation process, through the development of skills to rebuild self-value and identity, and in time to aid in establishing a purpose, hope and new life for the people’s future. 
Atelier Future’s principle emphasises a social responsibility and contribution that opposes the mass robotic consumerism production. The foundation is laid by a desire to dream; a chance to make a difference whilst doing exactly what we love as designers/makers.
It is a union of contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship and modern day social responsibility.  It is a dedication to change someone’s life, and in time making a contribution towards a better world, better future.'
On a lighter note, buying our jewellery will never be, a guilty pleasure.