Global Superstar Lady Gaga wears the Constellation Pearl Earrings at the London premiere of movie 'A Star Is Born'.
Oct 2018
Global Superstar Rihanna wears the stunning Diamond Peony Butterfly Ring at the Fenty Beauty launch event in London.
    Sept 2017
Taylor Swift wears the dazzling Sapphire Twinkle Ear Jackets at her Delicate Music Video
April 2018
Moda Operandi . New York
Editorial: Flower Power . Girls Just Want To Have Fun . February | March 2017
Fuchsia Sapphire Earrings, Rose Cinderella Ring & Lilac Amethyst Posie Earrings 
Coffee Table Book - Book Cover
 Fine Jewelry Couture . Contemporary Heirlooms
By Olivier Dupon . Published by Thames and Hudson . September 2016
Coral Blossom Ring . Fleurs d'Elixir Collection Campaign
The FT How To Spend It Magazine . The Cult Shop  . Anabela Chan 
    November/December 2016
Tatler Magazine  . Anabela Chan 
    November/December 2016
Rihanna wears the Mirage Tourmaline Ring at the Wild Thoughts Music Video, feat DJ Kaled.
    June 2017
Kylie Jenner wears the Aqua Poseidon Ring & Rose Nereides Ring at the Kylie Cosmetics 21 Campaign.
    August 2018
Misty Copeland, Principle Dancer at American Ballet Theatre wears the Aqua papillon Earrings & Pink Feather Earrings at the ABT Fall Gala.
    October 2017

Jennifer Hudson wears the stunning Ruby Mirage Ring, Ruby Orion Ring and Emerald Velvet Choker at The Voice UK . London

April 2018


Jennifer Hudson dazzles in the Peony Butterfly Diamond Ring & Ruby Orion Ring at The Brit Awards .  London . February 2018


Mary J Blige wears the Canary Peony Butterfly Ring & Posie Canary Earrings in Hollywood . L.A. 
    February 2018
Veranda Magazine . Bumble Citrine Earrings . Dark Forest Collection 
    March 2018
Solitaire Magazine . Ruby Amethyst Love & Tear Ear Studs . Tutti Frutti Collection 
    March 2018
         Content Magazine . Citrine Orchid Earrings & Rose Delphinium Ring . Fleurs d'Elixir & English Garden Collection 
    March 2018
The New York Post Alexa Magazine . Daisy Diamond Earrings . English Garden Collection 
    March 2018
Maria Menounos dazzles in the Emerald Treasure Earrings & Cinderella Ring at The OSCARS 
February 2018
Actress Angela Sarafyan dazzles in the Ruby Rose Chandelier Earrings & Rose Cinderella Ring at The OSCARS 
    February 2018
Actress Julianna Hough wears the Sapphie Peony Ring & Bloomingdale Earrings at The OSCARS 
    February 2018
The New York Post . Sapphire Mirage Ring . Mirage Collection 
    October 2017
Camila Cabello wears the Rose Sapphire Bauble Earrings & Peony Butterfly Ring at the CMA MTV Music Awards, winning Best Pop.
    November 2017
Carrie Underwood wears the Sapphire Peony Ring & mini Blossom Ring at the CMA MTV Music Awards
    November 2017
The Impression Magazine . Sapphire Orchid Earrings, Green Feather Earrings, Diamond Butterfly Collar and Bloomingdale Earrings . Fleurs d'Elixir, Dark Forest & Butterfly Orchard Collection 
    March 2018
IRK Magazine .  Garden of Eden Editorial . Blueberry Ring, Greenberry Ring & AppleBerry Earrings . Dark Forest Collection 
    March 2018
Tatler Magazine . Ruby Blossom Ring . Fleurs d'Elixir Collection 
    December 2017
Moda Operandi . Emerald Posie Earrings & Cinderella Ring, Sapphire Blossom Ring . English Garden & Fleurs d'Elixir Collection 
    November | December 2017
The Knot Magazine . Pink Posie Earrings . English Garden Collection 
    November 2017
The Knot Magazine . Butterfly Garland Earrings . English Garden Collection 
    November 2017
Olivia Munn wears the Emerald Cinderella Ring . English Garden Collection 
    November 2017
Camila Cabello wears the Pinkberry Drop Earrings . Dark Forest Collection 
    November 2017
US Entertainment Weekly . On The Cover . Constance Wu wears the mini Blossom Ring, Pink Delphinium Ring & Greenberry Ring  . English Garden & Fleurs d'Elixir Collection 
    November 2017
Camilla Luddington wears the Rose Sapphire Bauble Earrings and Sugarush Tourmaline Ring at The Bafta Awards
    September 2017
W Magazine . Emerald Posie Earrings & Cinderella Ring  . English Garden Collection 
    November 2017
ICON Magazine . Rose Geranium Earrings . English Garden Collection 
    April 2017
VO+ Magazine . English Garden Hoop Earrings . English Garden Collection 
   June 2017  
Elizabeth Hurley wears the Ruby Coralbell Earrings at The Pink Party for Breast Cancer Research, NYC . English Garden Collection 
    May 2017
Rihanna wears our custom lab-grown Lily Pink & White Diamond Earrings at the movie premiere of Valerian . London 
    July 2017
Katy Perry wears our Burgundy Tourmaline Cocktail Ring in Feels music video by Calvin Harris . featuring Katy, Pharell & Big Sean
   July 2017
Joanna Kuchta wears the Pale Rose Cinderella Ring for Arcadia Magazine
  November 2017
ICON Magazine . No.10 Quartz Papillon Earrings . Mirage Collection 
   September 2017
Celebrated Living Magazine . No.4 Blackberry Earrings  . No.7 Greenberry Ring 
    November/December 2016
SURFACE Magazine . feature interview
             September Issue . 2016
 CNN Luxury . Style & Fashion
 Sept 2015                           
ELLE Decor Magazine . Opals Triton Earrings  .  Constellation Pearl Bracelet . Morpho Bloom Sculpture   
    October 2016
Hello Fashion Magazine . Ladybird Earrings  .  Secret Garden Collection   
    April 2016
Stylist Magazine .  Amethyst Sugarloaf Ring . Sugarloaf Collection   
 February 2016
Elle Magazine . Opals Nereides Earrings  . Opals Poseidon Collection   
    December 2015     
Lady Gaga wears our Pink Feather Earrings . Dark Forest Collection
December 2015
FT How To Spend It . Pink Feather Earrings . Dark Forest Collection
February 2016        
Filler Magazine . Actress Elisa Lasowski wears the
Turquoise Blossom Ring . Raspberry Earrings . Beetle Earrings . Mirage Earrings
December 2016
ICON Magazine . Sugarush Ring . Sugarloaf Collection
November 2015
Tatler Magazine . Jewellery Spy
April 2015    
     ISSUE Magazine . UK . Swallow Ring as shot by Mr. Neil Stuart
August 2015
 STYLE Magazine . SCMP . Bumble Blossom Ring & Swallow Garland Earrings
Sept 2015 
Tirade Magazine . Serpent & Vine Ring . Dark Forest Collection
November 2015
Rita Ora wears our Amphitrite Earrings  . Couture Poseidon Collection
May 2015
FKA Twigs wears Anabela Chan Couture Thethis Necklace . The Brit Awards 2015
January 2015  
ELLE Magazine . Poseidon & Swallow Collection
August 2015
Nereides Earrings & Green Feather Earrings from the Couture Poseidon and Dark Forest Collection
September 2015
Actress Anna Friel wears the Green Feather Earrings at The BAFTA Awards
September 2015
 10Magazine . Aphrodite Earrings from the Couture Poseidon Collection
June 2015
L'Officiel Magazine . Swallow Rings from the Swallow Collection
October 2014
Stella Magazine  . The Telegraph UK .   mini-Blossom Earrings from the Fleurs d'Elixir Collection            
February 2015 
MyWedding Magazine . Bouquet Earrings from the Swallow Collection
August 2015
Schon Magazine . UK . Tangerine Ring . Dark Forest Collection
July 2015
Schon Magazine  . shot by BoyGirl Photo . styled by David Motta .   Thetis Necklace from the Poseidon Collection            
April 2015
 Triton Earrings from the Poseidon Collection & Beetle Ring from the Dark Forest Collection           
April 2015 
Laha Magazine  .   Blossom Coral Ring from the Fleurs d'Elixir Collection            
December 2014 
Bumble Blossom Ring from the Secret Garden Collection
Serpent & Vine Ring from the Dark Forest Collection
Laha Magazine   .    Couture Collection . Beasts             
November 2014
Couture Collection . Beasts    
British Independent Film Awards 2014 .  Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones wears Swallow Earrings & Ring
December 2014  

Nylon .  Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones . Couture Collection . Beasts
June 2014 Cover 
Schon! Magazine . mini Blossom Ring from Fleurs d'Elixir Collection
December 2014
 Valtrom Magazine Cover . Fleurs d'Elixir Collection Rings
June 2014
Social Graces . Photography by Masami Naruo . Styling by Ai Kamoshita
The Sunday Times Style Magazine . Couture Collection . Jardin du Paradis Brooch & Rings
September 2013
WILD. Gwen Loos photography by Elena Rendina & styling by Lucy Ewing
Schon Magazine . UK . Green Feather Earrings from Dark Forest Collection
December 2014
Hunger TV . UK . Beetle Ring from Dark Forest Collection
February 2015                                           
The Financial TImes . How To Spend It Magazine . Morpho Bloom Sculpture . Beauty & Beast Series 2013
April 2014      
Hunger TV . by Rankin . Couture Collection . Jardin du Paradis Necklace & Ring
April 2014 . Gypsy Queen . Photography by Fabio Affuso & styling by Nicco Torelli 
Gem-A-Porter Blog Interview . by Liza Urla
December 2014
Hunger TV . by Rankin . Anabela Chan Joaillerie Flagship Opening
December 2014
Forzieri . Florence
VOGUE Italia 
September 2013
Vogue Talents 
September 2013
VOGUE Germany
 July 2013
December 2013
Jewelry Fairytale
CRAFTS Magazine
September 2013