Bringing sustainable High Jewellery to Bays Damas

A project 12 months in the making, we unveiled our highly-anticipated one year Dubai Residency at Bayt Damas, the Region’s First Luxury Lifestyle Destination to offer an experiential journey of discovery which brings together high jewellery creations, fashion and art under one roof to create a home of exceptional creativity and craftsmanship.

Installing Our Flower Therapy Bench at Berkeley Square

Being awarded with Great British Brands Zero

Introducing our Mermaid's Tale Collection

A Collection inspired by the Ocean, Made with Ocean waste metals, Pledged to restore Ocean ecosystems. A narrative on the wonders of the sea from Magnus Lundgren’s turquoise waters of West Papua to Jacinta Shackleton’s glitter squids in the Great Barrier Reef; Craig Forest’s magical kelp forest in South Africa to Lily Wang’s otherworldly luminescent creatures from the black waters of Okinawa by night.

Aqua Ray Earrings

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Sapphire Atlantis Earrings

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Rainbow Canary Titan Earrings

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Canary Atlantis Drop Earrings

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Citrus Thea Collar

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Paraiba Titan Earrings

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Paraiba Fin Earrings

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Lavender Ariel Earrings

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Launching Our Ocean Initiative

Since it’s debut in Summer 2021, we have planted over 5500 mangrove sea trees in West Papua, Indonesia, equating to 5500 tonnes of CO2 to be stored whilst restoring 26 hectares of degraded mangrove forest. Here, local villagers are employed to plant a diverse mix of mangrove species, creating jobs, healthy ecosystems and habitats.

Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary of 35B Sloane Street

Celebrating Another Year of Magnificent Editorials

In 2021 we are yet again honoured to be featured in major publications globally, in recognition of our design, craftsmanship and sustainable ethos.

Supporting Meaningful Causes

With great pride we continue to support incredible charities and initiatives worldwide every year that benefit Education, Medical Research, Emergency Appeals, Environmental Causes, Social Justice and Artisanal Mining Communities.

Being Part Of Magic

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