Our laboratory-grown gemstones are responsibly sourced without the untraceable provenance and destructive use of land mining.  Grown in a science laboratory rather than mined from the ground, utilising renewable green energy where possible.
Every creation is carefully and lovingly hand-crafted by skilled artisans at the atelier, a truly slow and considered process honouring centuries-old craftsmanship with new innovative ideas. Anabela also works with individual artisans personally around the world for special projects.
Our natural gemstones are a part of our Atelier Future Fully Traceable & Ethical colour gemstone collection via the Moyo Gems Project using blockchain technology, with every stone traced back to the individual miner her/himself where they also receive 90-95% of the export price of each stone, with proceeds re-invested back into local communities to fund education, social and community infrastructure support powered by the international non-profit organisation Pact and the GIA.



We are reducing environmental harm by preserving natural resources and replacing processes that lead to pollution and harmful by-products. We use water reduction, efficient energy usage, carbon reduction and are offsetting purchases to reduce our environmental impact.
Our Flagship London Boutique and Atelier are operated on 100% renewable energy.
Our domestic & international shipping packaging is plastic free and 100% recyclable & biodegradable. We contribute to carbon negative off-set with every online purchase. In partnership with the Sea-trees project we plant 100 Mangrove SeaTrees in the Ocean via The SeaTrees Project with every purchase from the Mermaid's Tale Collection, which equates to capturing 100 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere; as well as creating critical habitat for marine life and providing sustainable employment for local communities.


Giving back is central to what we do - from supporting up to 10 individual charities worldwide every year since year 1 of establishing Anabela Chan Joaillerie in 2014, to educational projects for the future via talks, workshops and public initiatives.
In January to June 2020 as the pandemic began to unfold, we proudly raised over $88,000 for 10 charities worldwide ranging from emergency Covid-19 relief funds to other local and global causes ranging from The Trussell Trust food bank, Age U.K. and NHS charities; to Mission Oxygen India, The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund.
In 2020-2021, Anabela became a Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art. She has given talks, podcasts and ran workshops from Innovation RCA to the GIA, at Heatherwick Studio to Moda Métier and at a local London girls school for children age 6-13. In 2021 she is also appointed as an Art & Design Ambassador for her former boarding school Roedean, to provide creative career mentorship to 700+ girls age 13-18.
In 2020 Anabela Chan also became a partner for the non-profit charity Gem Legacy.
We support local and global communities with practices that financially stimulate the economy, provide employment & educational opportunities, preserve cultural crafts & artistry, and adhere to fair trade principles. We support local impact initiatives to give back to the community outside the production.


We support responsible mining by using only conflict-free resources for gold, diamonds, stones, and metals. 100% of our creations are crafted with responsibly sourced, recycled and laboratory-grown materials. As a brand we adhere to fair trade and labour regulations.

We pioneer refined and recycled aluminium from soda cans into our signature creations.
We champion laboratory-grown and created gemstones with innovative technology.
We re-purpose gemstones from antique and pre-loved jewels into new creations.
We re-invented PVD (physical vapour deposition) process to colour aluminium borrowed from the auto-mobile industry.
We use 100% of recycled precious metals in our main collections, with fairtrade gold on request for bespoke creations.


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