Anabela Chan Joaillerie x Bloomberg. The Jeweler Makes Magic With Lab-Grown Gems

In a bid to find sustainable solutions for a historically destructive industry, Anabela Chan makes jewelry from lab-grown gems and recycled metals. The result? Nature-inspired ornaments worn by the likes of Rihanna and Taylor Swift. (Source: Bloomberg)


BLOOMBERG x Anabela Chan Short Film 🎥 : A 21st Century Jewellery Romance Story, where Art unites Nature & Science.

“When @bloomberg approached me with the impossible task of creating a piece of jewellery within 3 weeks (when it usually takes me 3-6 months), we made it happen - even if it meant taking you on a journey from London to The Cotswolds to French Polynesia.

9 years ago when I told people I wanted to create fine and high jewellery with laboratory-grown gemstones, people thought I was crazy. Little did they know it is those crazy enough to think they can change the world that actually do.

I went on to found the world’s first fine jewellery brand that champions laboratory grown gemstones with high jewellery designs and artisanal craftsmanship, always guided by a focus on ethical and sustainable innovations. From diamonds mined from the sky with atmospheric carbon dioxide, to Tahitian pearls raised by people and exotic fishes that regenerate coral reefs and ocean ecosystem.

I believe in a present and future where nature and science co-exist in a positive balance - through responsible practice that work with nature to better it; through material science and circular innovations that are mindful to both planet and people.

Minouche Shafik - the director of London School of Economics said, ‘In the past jobs were about muscles, now they are about brains, and in the future they will be about the heart.’

I’d like to think the same applies for companies and businesses. Having the right intentions changes everything - it becomes the guiding light in every decision you make - to remain curious and agile; learning from the past to challenge yourself to offer a different perspective, always in mind for a better, greener and brighter future.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our world. “

Anabela Chan

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