Anabela Chan for The Sorority, in support of Women for Women International

The Soror Rings, designed by Anabela Chan for The Sorority, a renowned global women's empowerment group founded in 2010, with members from around the world establishing a trusted circle of inspiring professional women. The limited edition pair of Soror (Sister) Rings have been conceived as two distinct expressions and embody the vision of The Sorority; to unite women and inspire success. 

“When The Sorority approached me to design a ring for them, I was delighted to create a jewel that celebrates and embodies positivity, collectiveness and sisterhood. 

The Soror Rings feature a pair of dazzling, vibrant butterflies symbolising freedom, variety, transformation and an eternal optimism. The two distinct expressions are designed to represent the different facets of our characters united by a joie de vivre.” 

Anabela Chan

Anabela Chan for The Sorority is proud to support Women for Women International, a charity helping women survivors of war to rebuild their lives.  20% of sales proceeds from The Soror Rings go towards Women for Women International to support their work providing women with the resources, skills training and support they need to transform their lives, families and communities after conflict.

With over twenty brutal armed conflicts across the globe and unprecedented levels of violence against women, there has never been a greater need to support Women for Women International in their mission to change the world, one women at a time.

To learn more about Women for Women International's work please visit www.womenforwomen.org.uk  |  UK Charity Registration Number: 1115109