Petite Diamonds

Inspired by the Twinkling Stars of The Night, the Petite Diamond Collection is a series of almost invisible skin-jewellery;  hand-crafted with the most delicate diamond-setting and workmanship possible.   Much like the lingerie of jewellery, the delicate rings are intended to be worn collectively together, or in unison on its own.

Every petite diamond is flawless, using the best quality natural white diamonds cut to perfection with maximum brilliance and sparkle.  A diamond ring for every finger.  This is the modern way to wear every-day diamonds.


'I was told every twinkling star in the sky is a loved one's promise, and every shooting star we see is a dream come true.  My Petite Diamonds Collection is inspired by that magic of promises, kept under the guardians of the starry sky.'

Anabela Chan