Butterfly Bloom Sculptures

Beauty and Beast . Bloom Sculptures

 2013 . 2016

Anabela Chan's love for colour extends past gemstones and into the exotic.  During a childhood spent travelling, she developed an interest in avian zoology and later, taxidermy.  These fascinations take her Objets D'Art into the realm of entomology.  Each piece has hundreds of delicate, precious butterfly wings set on spokes and spools of brass and gold.  Divorced of their 'thingness', these wings become intricate masses of ethereal colour.

Since its first inception in 2013, Les Ateliers Courbet New York unveiled the artist's latest works in May 2016, as part of Chan's debut solo exhibition 'The Natural Curiosities of Anabela Chan'.

 'The Beauty and Beast series is a collection of sculptures I started to make during my time at The Royal College of Art.  To me they personify the very idea of beauty and beast as a symbiotic nature in all things. Butterflies and roses are the two things I have been obsessed with all my life; their beauty, their variety, their freedom.  Like dreams, they are the more precious because their time is fleeting.  It is perhaps my tribute to the every mesmerizing state of nature from life to death; my interpretation of a notion of beauty in transience, immortalized in time.'

Anabela Chan