Anabela Chan x Diamond Foundry


We are excited to collaborate with Diamond Foundry, the leading producer of above-ground, certified diamonds in California, U.S.A. that are laboratory-grown to the exacting optical and gemmological composition and structure as natural mined diamonds, with a zero carbon footprint.

A 3-piece Collection inspired by the everlasting charm of the poetic English Garden; intricate, sculptural and elegant forms are painstakingly hand-set with over 29 carats of dazzling Diamond Foundry above-ground diamonds to a dramatic effect.

Every story begins by hand-carving the designs in wax before casting in parts, then assembling, polishing and engraving in meticulous detail. Every stone is carefully selected for its brilliance and colour; then cut, faceted, polished and set painstakingly by hand using traditional artisan techniques.                                      

‘It is about offering truly sustainable and ethical jewels that are conflict-free and beautifully-crafted with the highest level of haute joaillerie craftsmanship; works of art that are proudly worn, loved and treasured forever.’ 

Anabela Chan 

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