Anabela Chan for Bernhart Textiles

The Anabela Chan Collection for Bernhardt Design is a collaborative collection of upholstery textiles unveiled in 2016. 

The American furniture and textile makers invited the artist to create a series of textile designs and patterns using her creative universe and the sources of inspiration she finds in nature. Translating her experiences to woven textile design, Chan focused on her own butterfly sculptures, and her love of exotic birds and jewels.

The Collection includes five designs: Monarch, which features a butterfly print in macro-scale that appears to be almost tribal-like; Feather, inspired by the metallic plumage of the melanistic pheasant; Facet, which took cues from the geometries within a cut-gemstones; Opala solid fabric with occasional flashes of colour and flickers of light designed with polyester, rayon and metallic novelty yarns while Pearl was constructed from soft, heathered polyester to mimic the tactile quality of strands of pearls.  

Translating Anabela's experience to woven textile design was a logical step in her creative journey.  

My jewellery is very descriptive and often tells a story, an entire universe that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Creating a universal textiles collection is about taking only the essence of your idea and imagining it in the simplest form – where it only hints at the subject rather than describes it.”       Anabela Chan

 The Anabela Chan for Bernhardt Textiles Collection is available through Bernhardt Designs in U.S.A. and Brands Design Showroom in Europe.