Our NHS Gratitude Giveaway

Anabela Chan Gratitude Giveaway
We want to say thank you to our incredible heroes who work tirelessly everyday saving lives and keeping us safe and well. Last week, we announced our gratitude Giveaway to our NHS frontline & key workers, and asked YOU to tag yourself or friends and family.  
Thank you so much to everyone who was nominated, and to those who mentioned a friend or family member. We received over 50 nominations across Instagram and Facebook, we are grateful to you all for your incredible service and here are the inspiring stories of our three winners.
Thank YOU to All.
What can jewellery do in a pandemic?
"What it can do, perhaps, as it has always done is to uplift the spirit, a little pick-me-up to bring moments of joy, positivity and sparkle to its wearer; a token of love, gratitude and affections, a talisman of protection and good luck. 🐞         
The ladybird has been a symbol and charm for safety and protection since the Middle Ages. 
We are delighted to bring some positive sparkles to three of our frontline heroes.  It really was impossible to choose, so I enlisted the help from my mini quarantine assistant Valentine, who drew three names for us. 
We want to share with you the inspiring stories of our three winners.  Their courage and dedication, kindness and support as well as all frontline workers continue to remind us the importance of staying home to save lives; that the world is one and together we will overcome this to brighter days." 
                With Love, Anabela x               
Meet the winners of our Gratitude Giveaway dedicated to our NHS heroes        

  "My name is Nishi. I live with my husband Will and our two children Emi (4) and Luka (2). I am an anaesthetist in Gloucester but have been redeployed to intensive care as a member of the Covid Merit Team. (Our main role is putting the sickest patients on to the ventilators). My husband (also a doctor) and I both work full time and with young children, our lives are busy and hectic.  If there is any silver lining from the current situation is that on our days off, there are fewer distractions so we have really valued spending time together as a family, and doing simple activities such as walking along the canal paths or playing in the woods near our house.  The photo above is from our walk along the cycle path yesterday. It has certainly made us reassess our work life balance and this is something I would like to address in The future. 
My favourite flowers are Sakura in Spring (Japan is my favourite place and holds many special memories) And hydrangeas. They made up my wedding bouquet."                                                         

"I’m known as Kat to my friends and family.  I am a Critical Care Nurse at the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital in Suffolk.  I have worked for the NHS for 13 years in 5 different hospitals and 4 NHS Trusts, and I am truly proud of the service we provide to the public every day.  My husband is in the Military, and we have two wonderful children at home. 

My favourite flower is the Tulip."

As nominated by her friend and fellow doctor Laura,  Jen is a GP from Worcestershire and an amazing mother to her two children.  The ladybirds are particular meaningful to her, as Jen founded the incredible Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust, now known as the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, a registered charity in memory of her four year old daughter Grace Kelly.  Grace loved ladybirds 🐞, the vision of the Trust was born from the inspiration that little Grace imparted on the people she met.  Grace was a compassionate and caring little girl, who loved to run, climb and be active, she always looked after others before herself.  Today, Jen works tirelessly to support families, fund vital research and raise awareness, whilst committed to her role as a GP for her local community.          
Together, We can Stay Home to Save Lives.       
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