Anabela Chan Debut New York Solo Exhibition at Les Ateliers Courbet 

We are delighted to invite you to Anabela Chan's debut solo exhibition in New York this Spring
Les Ateliers Courbet . The Master Craftsmen's Gallery
on 175 Mott Street . New York . 10012
May 16 - June 30
Private Preview May 15
Anabela Chan originally trained as an architect and designs intricately complex, delicate jewelry that encompasses an endless variety of precious stones and metals. Combining her love affair with gemstones and an obsession to detail and perfection Chan creates jewelry of infinite depth and dazzling colors.

For the May 2016 exhibition at Les Ateliers Courbet, the artist focuses on her rare and precious decorative arts and sculpture series. Anabela Chan’s love for colour extends past gemstones and into the exotic. During a childhood spent traveling, she developed an interest in avian zoology and, later, taxidermy. These fascinations take her objet d’art into the realm of entomology. Each piece has hundreds of butterfly wings attached to spokes and spools of brass and gold. Divorced of their “thingness,” these wings become intricate masses of ethereal colour.   Since its first inception in 2013, we will unveil Chan's latest works - Beasts . Series 2 this May.

Les Ateliers Courbet will also introduce a series of unique objets d’art created by the artist using pieces she selected from the collections of the New York Gallery’s master-craftsmen, J. & L. Lobmeyr Crystal from Austria.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Anabela Chan is unveiling this year a collaborative collection of textiles for Bernhardt Design. The American furniture and textile makers have invited the artist to create a series of textile designs and patterns using her creative universe and the sources of inspiration she finds in nature.
Les Ateliers Courbet will present a unique installation playing with the variety of patterns the artist has designed for Bernhardt.

Chan’s pieces evoke the Fin-de-Siecle collections of hand-painted blown glass menageries. Their fragility and precision combine to create forms that hardly seem objects of nature. Through an alchemy of natural, precious and man-made materials, Anabela combines elegant sculptural forms with dream-like romanticism and thought-provoking narratives, to create enchanting one-of-a-kind treasures that are adorned and collected alike.
About J. & L. Lobmeyr The Magic of Sensuality
Viennese Glass and Chandelier Manufacturer Celebrates 190 Years of Creativity

Lobmeyr is in its sixth generation as a family business today. A love of the material, the emotional relationship with the product and the commitment of personal energy defined our method of working from the beginning. In this context each generation leaves its trace. 
In 1823 Josef Lobmeyr senior founds the company in Vienna’s Weihburggasse and soon becomes Purveyor to the Imperial Court. Josef and Ludwig Lobmeyr (1855– 1917): Ludwig becomes the pioneer of Austrian/Bohemian crystal production and presents the company at the first World Fairs; in 1864 he is the co-founder of the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. Ludwig’s nephew Stefan Rath senior (1902–1960) leads Lobmeyr into the Modern Movement and is a co-founder of the Österreichischer Werkbund in 1912. 
Enduring classics are created in cooperation with Josef Hoffmann and the other artists of the Wiener Werkstätte. Hans Harald Rath (1938–1968) rebuilds Austrian crystal manufacture after the war and revolutionises the chandelier. An example of his work still hangs in the auditorium of the Vienna State Opera today.
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