Ultramarine . Perfection

Ultramarine . The Latin word for 'beyond the sea' - tells you that it is a colour for which people will go the extra mile.  Imagine the deep tone of early-night skies, a pure inky shade without a hint of green. The Renaissance painter Cennino Cennini, usually a harsh critic, describes it as 'illustrious, beautiful and most perfect beyond all colours.'

 Ultramarine came to Europe in the early Middle Ages, arriving as raw, rugged lumps of lapis lazuli.  Almost all the lapis used came from a single source: the Sar-e-sang mines in Afghanistan's deserted mountains.  Once unearthed, it would have travelled along the Silk Road by donkey until it reached the Mediterranean Coast and met ships bound for Venice.  Early users, bent over manuscripts in monasteries, couldn't have guessed how far the jewel-bright hue on their brushes have travelled.  First, it had to be  pounded down to powder; it was then mixed with mastic and wax, kneaded like dough for several days between two sticks in a solution of lye, and finally drained and dried.  Unsurprisingly, ultramarine remained exorbitantly expensive until the 19th century.  To the traditional medieval mind, which equated value with virtue, ultramarine came second only to gold and was used sparingly to paint the robes of the Virgin Mary.  Only Titian, a wanton Venetian colourist blessed with rich patrons, could splash it as recklessly as he did in Bacchus and Ariande (1523).

 This summer, I am mesmerised by this magical hue, a colour truly more seductive than gold.

Happy Birthday

We are 6 months old!  Thank you to all our friends and clients who have supported us from the start and along the way.  

To celebrate our birthday, Enjoy free-shipping on all orders in the U.K. and Worldwide for a limited time only.



'In our lives, some of the elements that are most real are the things we cannot see. Certainly one of the most enduring is love. Diamonds help to make this emotion tangible and even more real. A diamond says I love, I am loved.'

Ronald Winston




We are excited to announce our next Collaboration with publisher BABAOBOX: unique treasures for the inquisitive mind.  See us create a limited edition
treasure/objets d'art for the forth-coming September issue: 'OBSESSIONS' 
Babaobox is a multi-format album and objects of design, art, lifestyle and fashion produced in exclusive numbered limited editions. 
Babaobox collaborates with tastemakers, cultural leaders and inspiring thinkers to curate items, some made exclusively; each with extraordinary stories, delivered to your doorstep. The curators featured in each box are invited to engage in a creative dialogue surrounding a particular theme. Babaobox releases a new box quarterly on a pre-order basis and each box is only available for a limited period of time. 
A Rebellious Edge


'In a materialistic world, it is perhaps slightly rebellious, a part tongue-in-cheek approach to fine jewellery that the jewels I create are not so much about the grandeur and preciousness of  the stones, but the value and beauty in the incredible craftsmanship of our human hands and the wonders of our creative minds.'

Victoria is always right

Victoria Beckham said, when she first started her fashion label, the best advice given to her was from Marc Jacobs.  Marc told her, if you put out the best quality and the best craftsmanship, people can only say its not to their taste, but they can never say its rubbish.

I don't have the honour of Marc as my bff, but I sure did take his advice to heart.


Thank you Marc!


First Post

We're open!  After months of preparation, years of experience and a sheer obsessive determination to offer the finest craftsmanship and design in fantasy jewels, we are so excited to present 4 fabulous and fun cocktail ring collections for 2014, alongside our modern timeless eternity collection, The Morpho Bloom. 

The Magic of haute joaillerie is finally accessible.